Our Story At

Pebley Farms

Hello and welcome to Pebley Farms! Our story begins not too long ago in the year 2015. We started hand crafting our goods and bringing them to farmers markets sharing with neighbors, family, and friends until people simply came back and kept asking for more.

We realized that there was an opportunity to keep delivering hand-crafted Goat Milk Products and decided to expand the operation and take on a small storefront so we could keep bringing our products to consumers in the area! 

7 Generations Of Farming

Cows, Farm Animals And More

While our family makes all the products, farm life and caring for animals is not foreign to us or previous family members who have operated the establishment. 

Agriculture & The Next Generation

Our 3 kids were in 4-H and FFA. They raised pigs, chickens, turkeys, and steers. Over the years they developed and acquired the talent required to maintain the livestock and day-to-day operations of the Farm.

Tragedy Strikes With Fire

On September 13, 2015, our family lost everything in the Butte fire. In total, we lost 4 homes, our building, and the worst was all the cows…


And Then Came The Goats!

After the fire, we decided that we wanted goats so that there would be no brush or weeds around the new home. So… We went and bought 4 mamas.

Shortly after, we decided that we wanted more goats, so as you can guess we got ourselves a buck and started the breeding process.

Months later we had the cutest babies you could ever ask for on our farm. We were hooked! Later on around 2019, we began producing our first batch of Goat Milk Soap and shortly after opened up our physical location in Jackson California.